Welcome to the UK’s biggest supplier of premium Zombie Experiences. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the ultimate undead experience. No expense has been spared in these 2/3 hour immersive theatre productions placing you at the centre of an apocalypse in a number of exclusive, haunting and atmospheric locations across the UK.

All of our premium events place you at a point in time in what we call our "Zombie Infection Universe" Think Marvel but with more blood and horror! For example our award winning Courthouse mission in Birmingham places you 30 years after the virus outbreak in a post apocalyptic world fighting along side the "Infection Rebels" against the evil Harvertech!

However... If you were to head to our NEW Magna Steelworks Factory in Sheffield you'll be asked to search, clear and create and new quarantined sector for the north east just as the early aggressive and dangerous Progen virus has hit the streets of the UK...


Depending on mission location you’ll be given the option to upgrade your weapons, add additional attachments such as lasers, torches and scopes to help you achieve your objectives! But don’t just bring a good aim, you’ll need intelligence, strength and speed to overcome escape rooms, untrustworthy characters, special infected bosses and challenging landscapes if you are going to survive.

Zombie Infection is now the longest running zombie experience company in the UK beginning the fight back in 2013; now it’s the UK’s biggest supplier of premium horror experiences. With more than 1000 5 star reviews across Facebook. With TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence and a 2018 national ScareCON Award for “Best Zombie Experience”, you are in safe (undead) hands!

If you are looking for a work team building experience, a stag/hen do, a good day out or even a date then drop our bookings team an email for all the discounts and details. They’ll help you work out a pay scheme and provide you with all the vital information you’ll need for your zombie adventure! The apocalypse needs you!

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Each of our experiences can be done individually or as part of an over arching narrative as part of our "Zombie Infection Universe" Think Marvel but lots more blood and gore! Simply click the adventure you want to take part in below!



We're not just a Zombie Experience company. We are a family of dedicated horror enthusiast. We are a worldwide community of zombie film, game and comic fans.

We are a brand striving to do greater things.
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T: +44 (0) 330 223 2074